A new retail service that provides solution to the common problems we sometimes experience – battery failure on our device whilst on the go, forgot to pack travel accessories and toiletries, IT and stationery supplies and not to mention healthy snacks and drinks. Our machines are designed to dispense almost anything!

Our machines are adapted to dispense most things from phone accessories to stationery, personal protection equipment to printer cartridges, healthy snacks to drinks. Yes, we vend most things.

We are installing our machines at easily accessible locations to provide much needed supplies to workers, shoppers, tourists, business travellers, students and commuters 24/7.

The machines operate multiple payment options – cash, banknotes and contactless cashless payment debit and credit cards including Apple Pay.

We offer a fully supported service, we manage all aspects of the service for you and no request made on your staff.

Alegol vending introduces an innovative retail solution. Our machines are carefully designed to sit comfortably in their locations of residency, the products on display are carefully selected and vary depending on their locations.